Briggs Marine are a leading provider of marine and environmental services, specialising in port and marine operations, subsea and environmental support, and vessel charter. They recognise the benefits to the environment through improved air quality and of the continued investment in maintaining a modern fleet with modern working practices. Briggs Marine joined the ECO Stars scheme in 2018. They achieved the maximum rating of 5 stars at their first assessment and have retained that rating by acting on the recommendations of the ECO Stars fleet expert.

The process

Briggs Marine supplied a full fleet listing to the ECO Stars field consultant. The consultant followed up with an on-site visit to discuss fleet and fuel management practices and to complete the application form. Each individual vehicle was assessed along with the overall fleet management operation – the result was a 5-star rating. This was an excellent achievement and reflected their proactive approach to achieving operational efficiency. As part of the ECO Stars process, once the assessment has been completed, a ‘Road Map’ is produced which highlights key actions that could be considered.

Reassessment and future plans

The ECO Stars reassessment in 2022 confirmed Briggs Marine’s continued 5-star status. Since joining the ECO Stars scheme in 2018 their fleet has expanded to now include electric vehicles, with more expected next year. Since their last ‘Road Map’ their entire fleet has been fitted with the Lightfoot telematics and driver behaviour system. This is allowing driver habits to change for the better, saving fuel and reducing emissions. These savings and reductions are now monitored through an online dashboard and regular statistics update meetings with Lightfoot. Martin Anderson, Briggs Marine’s Support Services General Manager was delighted to find that their 5-star rating had been retained.

‘We are committed to reducing our emissions and will continue to change vehicles to electric as and when suitable vehicles come onto the market.’


It couldn’t be easier!

To join ECO Stars, call: 01344 770700