Bruce Taxis have recently become the first taxi operator in the Falkirk ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme to be awarded the maximum rating of 5 stars.

Joining the scheme back in June 2016, they are one of the leading taxi service providers in Falkirk, comprising of over 60 vehicles. In our initial assessment, they achieved a 4-star rating under the ECO Star rating criteria.

Some of the key operational measures identified in their daily operations were a commitment to efficiency through keeping a reasonably young fleet of vehicles and investment in up-to-date dispatch systems.

As part of our ‘Road Map’, we suggested to them a good fuel management programme to understand purchasing options and assess alternatives, and the appointment of a ‘Fuel Champion’ (someone within the business tasked with raising the understanding of fuel saving and operational efficiency).

Other operational measures included in-house driver assessments and drivers’ daily checks to detect any defects and ensure tyres were okay. Moving forward, looking further into the data recorded to produce mpg statistics for each vehicle would allow them to identify the drivers in need of fuel-efficient driver training and to consider training programmes.

During their most recent re-assessment, we identified that all their vehicles are now Euro 6 models and that 70% of the fleet is now hybrid and upgraded to 5-stars. They aim to have the full fleet hybrid by the end of 2023.

They also look at the Whole Life Cost, including servicing charges and mpg, when changing their vehicles. They have found that although more expensive to purchase than other makes, their current vehicles do not require anywhere near the same level of maintenance and return a higher mpg.



It couldn’t be easier!

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