C Butt Logistics is a family-owned and family-run business specialising in customer-focused UK Distribution, BRC Accredited Warehousing and full Logistics solutions. They are passionate about protecting our planet and adopt an environmentally responsible approach to minimise the impact of their transport and warehousing operations.

C Butt Logistics joined the ECO Stars scheme in 2014. They achieved a highly creditable rating of four stars at their first assessment and have followed up with the maximum five stars rating by acting on the recommendations of the ECO Stars fleet expert.

The process

C Butt Logistics supplied a full fleet listing to the ECO Stars field consultant. The consultant followed up with an on-site visit to discuss fleet and fuel management practices and to complete the application form. Each individual vehicle was assessed along with the overall fleet management operation. The result was a four-star rating which was an excellent start and reflected their proactive approach to achieving operational efficiency. As part of the ECO Stars process, once the assessment has been completed, a ‘Road Map’ is produced, highlighting key actions that could be considered.

Key recommendations

  • Telematics rolled out across the whole fleet
  • Driver incentive scheme


Telematics systems have been installed in all vehicles and upgraded to include front and side-facing cameras, in-cab monitor, tracking, live tacho, and remote tacho download. In addition, they have live information from their software package, which shows carbon emissions, mpg, and percentages on driver behaviours for idling and cruise control etc.

Driver incentive scheme

For 2022-23, they have introduced a driver incentive scheme based on increasing mpg and use of cruise control, reducing infringements and idling time. Their driver targets are linked to transport management incentives too.

Reassessment and future plans

The ECO Stars reassessment in 2022 confirmed C Butt Logistics’ upgraded 5-star status. In addition, they are reviewing their CPC course on fuel efficiencies for 2023, as this links neatly with the incentive schemes.

Kevin O’Brien, C Butt Logistics’ Director of Compliance, was excited to find that their star rating had been upgraded. They are setting up a ‘Sustainability Group’ from around all levels of their workforce, monitoring and reviewing all aspects of their operations, including fleet management.


It couldn’t be easier!

To join ECO Stars, call: 01344 770700

email ecostarsTRL@trl.co.uk