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South Yorkshire Housing Association (SYHA) Neighbourhood Environmental Action Team (NEAT)

Nature of business: Affordable housing and support for vulnerable families and individuals
Number of employees: 550 at SYHA, including 25 at NEAT
Fleet: 14 vans, including two electric
Average annual mileage: 150,000
Areas covered: South Yorkshire, but also other parts of Yorkshire, North East Derbyshire and North East Nottinghamshire.

SYHA has been providing quality accommodation across South Yorkshire for more than 45 years.  Their Neighbourhood Environmental Action Team (NEAT) is responsible for maintaining the extensive housing stock within SYHA – a fleet of 14 vehicles services nearly 4,000 homes and additional communal areas

The Process
NEAT joined ECO Stars South Yorkshire scheme in 2014.  They supplied a full fleet listing to the ECO Stars team – this was then followed by an on-site visit to discuss their fleet and fuel management practices.  The ECO Stars fleet expert assessed each vehicle along with the overall fleet management operation and awarded an initial three star rating: an excellent achievement.  it was clear that their fleet profile and management practices provided a solid foundation on which to build.

As part of the ECO Stars process, once the assessment had been completed, a bespoke ‘Road Map’ was issued which highlighted key actions that could be considered.  Three key actions were identified.

Key Actions

  • Fleet renewal
  • Systematic fuel monitoring
  • Driver engagement

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