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Take a look at some of our Case Studies.


Greggs of Scotland’s Edinburgh fleet joined the ECO Stars Edinburgh scheme in 2011. They achieved a highly creditable rating of four stars at their first assessment and have followed up with the maximum five stars rating by acting on the recommendations of the ECO Stars fleet expert.  A combination of improvement to their local operation together with sharing their learning across the whole company as nt only ensured reconfirmation of their five stars status, but has brought about an impressive saving of £750K on Greggs’ national running costs.

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Hargreaves Logistics

Hargreaves Logistics is a member of the Hargreaves Service Group, providing specialist bulk transport services to the energy and waste industries in the United Kingdom.  Hargreaves operates a fleet of more than 150 vehicles, along with 150 dedicated sub-contract vehicles, consisting of artic and eight-wheeler tippers, walking floors and insulated vehicles all involved in the delivery of bulk goods.

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JG Pears

JG Pears joined the ECO Stars Schemes in Nottingham, York and South Yorkshire in May 2013. They supplied a full fleet listing and an ECO Stars fleet expert visited them on-site to discuss their fleet and fuel management practices and to complete an application form. Each individual vehicle was assessed along with the overall fleet management operation – the result was a four star rating, which was an excellent achievement for their first time around.

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Maxfields Travel

Maxfields Travel joined the ECO Stars South Yorkshire scheme in 2013 following a recommendation at their Driver CPC training.  They supplied a full fleet listing and were awarded one star.  It was recognized that this rating would be upgraded once their recently implemented telematics system had bedded in.
In fact Maxfields have steadily made improvements to their fleet management and following the latest review their star rating has increased to an impressive four stars demonstrating their commitment to operational and environmental excellence.

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South Yorkshire Housing Association (SYHA)

SYHA has been providing quality accommodation across South Yorkshire for more than 45 years.  Their Neighbourhood Environmental Action Team (NEAT) is responsible for maintaining the extensive housing stock within SYHA – a fleet of 14 vehicles services nearly 4,000 homes and additional communal areas
NEAT joined ECO Stars South Yorkshire scheme in 2014.  They supplied a full fleet listing to the ECO Stars team – this was then followed by an on-site visit to discuss their fleet and fuel management practices.  The ECO Stars fleet expert assessed each vehicle along with the overall fleet management operation and awarded an initial three star rating: an excellent achievement.  it was clear that their fleet profile and management practices provided a solid foundation on which to build.

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Rotherham Community Transport (RCT)

Rotherham Community Transport (RCT) is a community organization with charitable status offering demand responsive transport to individuals and groups that are unable to use conventional public transport.
RCT has been serving Rotherham since 1989 when it started the first “Handy Bus” Dial-a-ride scheme, with two minibuses.  The fleet has grown to 38 vehicles and provides over 11,000 passenger journeys a month for older people, adults and children with disabilities.  RCT also provides community transport for schools and community groups.
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