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ECO Stars is a fuel management and operational efficiency support programme, designed as a measure for local authorities to improve local air quality by reducing emissions from heavy duty vehicles including bus and HGV fleets.

The scheme encourages commercial fleet operators to run their vehicles more efficiently, reducing their fuel consumption, which in turn will reduce vehicle carbon, nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions. This is important, as most of the UK air quality management areas have been declared due to breaching of the annual average objective for nitrogen oxide (NO2), which is strongly associated with traffic emissions.

  • Proven local intervention to take on air quality issues in air quality management areas
  • Measure to reduce NOx and PM emissions caused by commercial vehicles
  • Ready-made scheme but can adapt, flexible to local requirements
  • Engagement mechanism to the otherwise hard to reach road transport industry sectors
  • Minimal local authority time commitment – with the scheme delivered by experienced industry experts

ECO Stars also has the added benefit of providing the tools and ongoing support for operators to reduce operating costs which makes the scheme highly attractive and beneficial to the local economy. To find out how the scheme works in practice, click here.