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ECO Stars can have a big impact on your business.

Save money

Up to £2,450 per vehicle – for an operator with 10 vehicles this equates to a saving of one whole tanker of diesel!*
Up to £300 per taxi or private hire vehicle**

Improve your fuel efficiency

By implementing the key measures recommended by ECO Stars, a typical commercial vehicle operator could expect to reduce fuel consumption at least 5% in the first year.

Reduce your environmental impact

A typical van operator could see its annual output of carbon dioxide fall by six tonnes per year*. Reductions in other toxic emissions are possible.



It’s easy to join with applications completed during an on-site visit.

Access to expert support and consultancy

Fleet specialists will help complete your application and give you practical guidance and advice.

Raise your environmental profile

By becoming a member of ECO Stars, you will be recognised as an environmentally responsible fleet operator by other operators, customers and the wider community.

If you are in the business of moving anything around – goods, equipment or people – you can benefit from being a member of ECO Stars. Check out what some of our members have to say here. Or take a look at our case studies below.

* Based on 80,000 miles per year at an average of 8mpg and diesel @ £1.07 per litre. Figures updated in 2016 from Department for Transport Freight Best Practice Programme

** Based on 40,000 miles per year at 39mpg and £1.33ppl of diesel,there would be a saving of just over £300