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Northern Joinery manufacture, deliver and install staircases. We do not make anything else, that’s why we can dedicate our time to making the best quality staircases.   We constantly strive to develop ways to improve our environmental credentials, for this reason we joined ECO Stars. This opportunity to assess our vehicles not only benefits us as a company but to the wider environment.

We are delighted to have been awarded 4 stars.

“We are delighted with our achievement of a 4 Star rating and look forward to our continued work with ECO Stars to further reduce our environmental impact”.

Alan Baker, Galliford Try

We are proud to be awarded our five star top rating for environmental fleet performance and management.  This recognises the benefits to the environment through improved air quality, of the continued investment in maintaining a modern fleet with modern working practices.

Alasdair Wilson, Malcolm Logistics

With the ever increasing awareness regarding the environment coupled with the rising costs of fuel, it makes sense to get advice in ways that we can reduce our overheads and at the same time hopefully benefit the environment.

Alec Wilson, Fisher Services

We're delighted to have achieved a 5 Star rating in the ECO Stars Scheme, confirming our belief that a healthy environment is good for business.

Alex Gourlay, Boots (speaking at the time of joining – March 2012)

ECO Stars endorses all the principles we stand for with regard to the environment and we are determined to be enthusiastic and committed members of the scheme.

Alex McPhee, J W Suckling Transport Ltd

Our ECO Stars rating recognises the benefits to the environment and society of the continued investment in maintaining a modern fleet with modern working practices.

Allan Campbell, Malcom Logistics

ECO Stars appealed to us because it allows us to demonstrate what we are doing locally and regionally in our transport operations to reduce our impact on the environment. It has helped us to identify where we need to focus our efforts going forward.

Andy Bostock, JG Pears

We are working with ECO Stars to improve our green credentials even further and we are aiming to get the top mark 5 Star rating as soon as possible.

Ben Gilligan, First South Yorkshire Ltd, First York Ltd

We will be taking guidance from the ECO Stars team on how to further improve our efficiency, continue to reduce costs and our environmental impacts. It is our belief that there is always room for improvements.

Colin Duncan, React Transport