ECO Stars, the fleet recognition scheme, is joining forces with Route Monkey to deliver even greater efficiency savings for transport operators. ECO Stars provides advice to commercial fleets on how to reduce environmental impact, achieve financial savings and gain positive recognition. Through its partnership with Route Monkey, ECO Stars members can now access award-winning route optimisation and scheduling solutions, which can reduce fleet costs by up to 20 per cent.

Ann Beddoes of Barnsley Metropolitan Council, the scheme manager for ECO Stars said: “We are delighted to be working with Route Monkey – a company whose services align perfectly with ECO Stars’ objectives – and we continue to seek out partnerships with organisations to enhance the benefits of the scheme for our members.”

Colin Ferguson, CEO of Route Monkey, said: “ECO Stars is a fantastic initiative that has a fantastic membership of public and private sector fleets. By working closely together with ECO Stars we can deliver even greater efficiency savings for these members.”

ECO Stars was created in 2009 to help fleet operators in South Yorkshire to improve their efficiency, reduce fuel use and harmful emissions. Building on that success, ECO Stars has expanded to 18 schemes across the UK, with more in the pipeline. It is open to fleets of all sizes and configurations. Route Monkey’s algorithms are capable of making millions of calculations in a relatively short space of time, vastly improving on manual transport planning. Its scheduling technology eliminates unnecessary fleet mileage and improves vehicle utilisation, typically helping to reduce costs by up to 20 per cent and substantially cut carbon emissions. Route Monkey also has unique algorithms for identifying where and how ultra-low carbon vehicles can be deployed, helping to create the fleets of the future.

About Route Monkey

Route Monkey is a multi-award winning market leader in the development and provision of complex, multi-criterion algorithms. It provides solutions for scheduling, modelling and optimisation of assets including people, goods, energy, infrastructure and vehicles. Route Monkey is also a pioneer in the optimisation of ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs), energy management solutions and Intelligent Mobility.

The high quality and growing customer base for its route optimisation and scheduling algorithms includes household names such as Iceland and Yodel. Route Monkey also works with, or has delivered projects for, UK government agencies and NGOs including Energy Savings Trust, Innovate UK, Scottish Enterprise, Transport for London and Transport Scotland.

Both Route Monkey and ECO Stars were exhibitors at the Freight in the City Expo, which took place at Alexandra Palace in London on 27th October. For further details, visit