FIFE ECO STARS expands to further improve air quality in Fife.

The launch of the Fife ECO Stars taxi scheme was held on Thursday, 10 December at the Town House, Kirkcaldy. Cllr Tom Adams presented awards to the inaugural members

Eco Taxis-6

From left to right

Tom Henderson (fleet services Fife Council), Carole Meldrum (Magnum Taxis), Neil Atchison (Aitch Taxis), Mark Cavers, ECO Stars Manager for Scotland, Councillor Tom Adams, Vice Chair of Fife Council’s Regulation and Licensing, William Allan (Billy’s Cabs), Reece & Moreen Young (TAXItravel), Roy Stewart, Senior Manager, Fife Council’s Protective Services, Eloise Griffin, Technical Officer, Land & Air Quality, Fife Council, Kenny Bisset, Lead Officer & Air Quality Team, Fife Council, John Atchison (Aitch Taxis).

Councillor Tom Adams, Vice Chair of Fife Council’s Regulation and Licensing Board said: “We’re delighted to be able to expand our ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme and build on its success in Fife. “Since the launch in October 2014, 66 members have joined our HGV and Bus ECO Stars scheme. This is one of the fastest growing membership rates of this scheme in the UK! “Signing up to this free scheme provides tools and on-going support for taxi and private vehicle operators to reduce costs and their environmental impact. “Everyone benefits from cleaner air and the council is committed to doing everything it can to try to reduce air pollution.”

Mark Cavers, ECO Stars Manager Scotland said: “The extension of the scheme highlights again the responsible attitude Fife Council have adopted towards transport emissions in the local area. “There are real benefits to joining the scheme, not only in terms of cost and fuel savings, but to the environment. “This is good news for those who live and work in Fife, for Fife Council, and for the wider ECO Stars Scheme.”

Fife Council launched its ECO Stars scheme for taxis and private hire vehicles today, following investment from the Scottish Government.

The Fife ECO Stars taxi scheme is just one of a number of measures that we’re introducing to improve air quality in Fife. Others measures include:

  • increasing the Council’s stock of electric fleet vehicles,
  • introducing cost effective and innovative traffic management systems,
  • implementing behavioural initiatives that encourage walking and cycling in preference to the car, and
  • integrating air quality issues into the development control process.

Roy Stewart, Senior Manager, Protective Services said: “The Scottish Government has recognised our approach to tackling air quality issues as an example of best practice. We wish to maintain and enhance this national recognition through initiatives such as Fife ECO Stars.”