We are happy to welcome our new national member, the largest independent distributor of fuel and lubricants in the UK, CERTAS Energy. CERTAS Energy operates a mixed fleet of 143 vehicles, including HGVs. The company received a well-deserved high rating of 4 stars, mainly achieved through environmental solid management practices that use many examples of good industry practices.

The company is committed to efficiency and energy management. Certas Energy has implemented many initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions, save energy and waste recycling, including improving their route efficiency, reducing emissions by 30% plus and reducing their customer’s footprint.
By joining the ECO Stars Scheme, they further strengthen their commitment as a responsible business, closely monitor the effect their work has on local communities and the workplace, and a year-on-year reduction in their carbon emissions.

“Certas Energy is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050. This resulted in Certas Energy UK Ltd & Subsidiaries setting specific actions to achieve at YOY reductions from initiatives including procurement of renewable electricity, increasing use of biofuels in own-fleet vehicles and ongoing energy efficiency projects for our buildings and equipment.”

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